Aisha Ghei Dev                                            Info

Hello! I’m a designer, researcher and curator(ish), exploring the influence of spatio-technics on indentity and culture.
My work is an articulation of these explorations. 



1 - Moral Codes [2018]

AI research, speculative design, digital fabrication.

2 - Weird Temples [2019 - ]

worldbuilding, visual design.

3 - Yellow Line Radio [2018]

experience, brand, art direction.

4 - Code of Conscience [2019]

parametric design, brand, visual system.

5 - Humanoid [2019]

product, ui/ux, brand development

6 - Archive [ - ]

fun things!


A page of other fun things!

Like - 

1. A truth analysis of Trump’s tweets, lots of ‘Clintons’ and ‘Putins’ and ‘Witch Hunts.’ Made in InDesign using Basil.js

2. A Mycellium microfarm for the future of shared living, made using material logic and parametric design systems.

3. A light and heat data-phys using wax, parametric modelling, material logic, etc. 

4. A series of flags for the different neighbourhoods of Pittsburgh as a parametic visual system.

5. A crowd-sourced opinion meta-radio network