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Hello! I’m a designer, researcher and curator(ish), exploring the influence of spatio-technics on indentity and culture.
My work is an articulation of these explorations. 



1 - Moral Codes [2018]

AI research, speculative design, digital fabrication.

2 - Weird Temples [2019 - ]

worldbuilding, visual design.

3 - Yellow Line Radio [2018]

experience, brand, art direction.

4 - Code of Conscience [2019]

parametric design, brand, visual system.

5 - Humanoid [2019]

product, ui/ux, brand development

6 - Archive [ - ]

fun things!



Experience + Brand
Fall 2017 
Project advisor — Daphne Peters


An experience design concept for Kayak’s first brick-and-mortar store.

This project was about finding creative banding solutions primarily
using physical spaces. These stores had to embody the
brand and promote it further, ideally by taking advantage of the
affordances of physical spaces. They were also supposed to be no more
than 400 sq. ft.

Full process for this project can be found on Medium.


For the initial research stage of the project, I worked with Monica Huang,
finding insights into the brand. We were then asked to work by ourselves,
creating individual brand solutions.

Through the course of our research, we found three main insights —

1. Kayak is a key - they connects people to experiences.
2. Kayak values transparency - they build trust through metasearch tools.
3. Kayak lets you explore - this is a key to their brand, they attempt to
inspire desire.

Exploration tools


From this stage in the project, we started working individually. Through the research, we had found that the one aspect of Kayak that set it apart from its competitors, is the influence of exploration. It has city guides, blogs, price-driven exploratory maps. This is what is unique about Kayak, and what I wanted to highlight in the space.

Kayak is purely online, so how would this translate into physical space? It would be almost like an spatial website, providing an analog search tool, an analog updating feature, a completely analog experience.

Instead of selling expensive tickets to halfway across the world, what if the store sold tickets to local events and activities? This would activate the local Pittsburgh area, encourage near-by travel, support local businesses as well as increase the number of customers.


The ephemeral nature of pop-up shops makes them, in the best cases, short lived and popular. In order to make the Kayak experience more memorable, there would need to be some sort of takeaway from the store.


The location of the store
in the heart of Pittsburgh,
Market Square.


The key interaction is an analogue, in-store search experience. 

I decided to take advantage of a simple form, a curved wall that could
be broken up into modular boxes. Each modular box would contain
information — in the form of a souvenir — about a specific event or activity
happening in or around the city. For example, the box underneath could
contain tickets to the Children's Museum.

After choosing a box from the wall, customers would be able to plug in
their boxes into check out/ customisation kiosks. Here, they will be able to
either pay or further customise their options to particular dates and
times, etc.

As they plug in their boxes, an image of their selection will pop up on the
giant screen in the pop-up shop. This would activate the space, draw
people in and encourage exploration.



1. Searching the wall

2. Picking a box

3. Checking out /
plugging into the display


Part of the physical space is also the branding that goes into it. In order
to create a uniform visual language, between the graphic elements as well
as the form. Kayak's logo drawn from the traditional analog slit-flip display
and I decided to use that symbolic visual for the branding of the store.

Exterior wrap


The exterior display of the store is an updating slit-flip display of all
the transactions happening inside the store as well as additional graphics.
This is the initial interaction with the store, the first aspect to grab attention
and draw visitors in.

Walkthrough video

Mark Initial sketch