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of nothing and kind of a tattoo artist-ish.



Research + Visual
Fall 2018
Project partners — Jessica Nip, Soonho Kwon, Kailin Dong, Katie Glass
& Nicole Jin
Project advisor — Dan Lockton


Lex-o-Feels is a lexicon of feelings! If current words aren’t enought to
communicate, why not make new, unique words? We created a framework
for people to invent new words, supplemented by textures, drawings and
objects to describe how they feel.

Our research studio was exploring ‘New Ways to Think’, specifically
about mental health. Our group thought it was really interesting to investigate
how people talk about the issue. 

No two people mean the same thing when they use the word ‘sad’ or ‘anxious.’
There is a clear gap in communication; we each come from our own cultures, languages, contexts and norms. Thus, Lex-o-feels!

View the complete book here.

I designed the book and was heavily involved in conceptualisation and implementation.

pc. Imaginaries Lab