Design person, Rajma connoisseur, doer
of nothing and kind of a tattoo artist-ish.


Weird Temples

Storytelling + Experience + Research
Project advisors —Dylan Vitone, Dan Lockton


I am attempting to reclaim and renegotiate the story of the sacred and
profane in relation to women in India by rebranding ideals and creating
a virtual experience of female narratives.

I am starting to see space as an active place of power and discourse and this
ongoing body of work is a reimagination of space. The female experience
in India is heavily influenced by the notion of ‘purity’, often set forth by men
and justified by religion. There are spaces and stories, however that have
been dominated by women, but have had little space in public consciousness.
This is a space for those stories.

With each piece, I hope to renogatiate an important place and therefore a set
of rules, norms and customs that mean a lot to me, but that I have also been
excluded from. 

A set of temple posters, using the visual language consistent in North India, but reappropriating it to celebrate who I am and what my experiences are.

Visual research —