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Experience + Brand
Spring 2018 - ongoing
Project partner — Emma Brennan
Project advisor — Kristin Hughes


The Yellow Line Radio is a redesign of the current school bus experience.
is a content creating, curating and sharing platform centred around the
bus environment, piloting Spring 2019.

We were approached by a Pittsburgh school district to redesign the
yellow school bus experience, a completely neglected environment that
perpetuates bullying, violence and drugs in school going kids. 

We created a space for creativity and expression, an in-bus radio. I did the
branding and helped with filming and editing the video. Emma and I are now
working on it equally. 


Through our research we found that kids were doing what they were doing
to share on social media for likes and comments.
The school bus is also a seriously neglected environment, one girl said it felt
like “a jail bus” and that they felt like they were expected to misbehave.
They also were listening to music. A lot.

Excerpts from class surveys.

Our additional research and 
stakeholder maps.


Our research showed that kids wanted to share and they wanted music. They needed a space for expression after the long school day. 

So we listened, we created the Yellow Line Radio. It is an content creating, curating and sharing platform centred around the bus environment, that turns it into a vibrant space for creativity and exchange

These kids are  powerful, they have all the talent and energy they could need for creating amazing things. We just made an expressive place to facilitate that. 


Mentors guide through making.

Kids record music, podcasts etc.

Mentors help kids upload to the platform.

Mentors sift through the submissions.

The playlist for each route is finalised.

The playlist is played on the bus.

It is also available for the community at the same time.


Our concept video.


For the branding, we went with a fun, relatable, bold visual language.
We designed for school posters, stickers, banners and are currently
working on bus wraps.


Environmental graphics around the school


We are currently in the proces of developing this into a real
experience. We’re planning to launch the programme with 3 busses
in the Woodland Hills School District in March 2019.

Mark Large banners 17" x 22" posters for the school 3" x 3" stickers